Terms & Conditions


Group classes for children

Students are expected to attend all classes and an invoice will be raised for the whole term. Fees will only be pro rata when a student enrols after a term has begun. In the case of free trial classes, an invoice will be raised based on the remaining termly fee minus the free class. A fee is charged for each class enrolled in per term. Once enrolled, fees must be paid in full for the whole term or remainder of whole term in advance or by the first lesson attended (after the free trial class). 



Where two or more siblings attend class at Susyballet, the youngest sibling will receive a 10% discount on all classes they are enrolled for. This discount will be applied at the start of the second term of enrolment for each class the youngest sibling is enrolled in, providing atleast two siblings are still enrolled in the dance school. The discount will be removed if payment is not received in accordance with the terms and conditions. In the event the eldest sibling leaves during a term, the discount will not apply at the start of the next term if only one sibling remains.

Adult classes and private lessons


Private lessons must be paid for in advance of the class or on the day.

Adult classes can be paid on a pay as you go basis or per term. If paying for the term, there is a discount included. If the discounted termly fee is paid then this cannot be carried over to the next term in the event of any classes missed.



Payment must be received prior to starting classes following confirmation after a trial. Susyballet reserve the right to exclude students from class until payment is received. Payment can be made online, by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

Update August 2020/April 2021: We regret that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, payment can only be made by bank transfer at this time.


Bank transfer details:

Bank: Santander

Account name: Susyballet

Account number:42622259

Sort code: 09-01-29


If paying online. Please select relevant payment and use student name or invoice number as payment reference.


For bank transfers please use the invoice number quoted on the invoice or student surname.


If payment in cash is to be made at the first class following enrolment, this must be placed in a sealed envelope with the student name and invoice number clearly displayed on the envelope.

Invoices will be sent out before the start of each new term via email (providing we have your permission to do so). Please make sure that we have the correct name and contact details for the person who is responsible for paying the class fees.


If a bank returns payment, then any charges incurred by Susyballet, as a result of this must be paid by you. Susyballet does not accept any liability for bank charges that you may incur. The responsibility lies with you to ensure all payments are settled at the time of booking and your child/your place is only confirmed upon clearance of payment and received by us.



A register will be taken at the start of every class by the teacher. This records attendance for purposes of safety and security.


Students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually. Late arrival disrupts the class and means that the latecomer misses vital instructions and/or the warm up at the start of class which is vital to prepare the body and mind for class but also to prevent injury.


With the exception of new students enrolling once term has started, no deductions or refunds can be made for missed classes (although in the case of long term illness which causes absence from class for over four weeks, an exception may be made at the discretion of the principal and on evidence of a medical certificate).


If a class has to be moved to a different venue unexpectedly or has to be cancelled due to teacher illness or some other unforeseen event within our control, Susyballet will endeavour to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day or time to the normal schedule or may involve an extension to term time dates. If we need to make an alteration to a dance lesson venue or cancel a class, we will endeavour to give as much notice of this as we can and reschedule the class to the best of our ability. We will post any changes to venue or cancellations on our social media sites and by means of contact via email and/ or text message. No refunds will be given in this case. If a class cannot be rescheduled in this way, then a reduction in fees will be applied to the next terms fees.


If a class needs to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions or road closures etc then we will post any cancellations on our social media sites and endeavour to contact you via email and/or text message. In these instances classes will not be rescheduled and we are unable to offer a refund or alternative class. 

Except as noted above, Susyballet does not issue refunds for any reason, including non attendance.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, in line with the NHS Test & Trace programme, it will be necessary to introduce screening measures before entry to every class at the Scout Hut. Please arrive promptly for class and be patient whilst we complete our registration requirements. Parents must observe social distancing whilst queuing outside. Children must come ready dressed in uniform for class and have been to the toilet. Please do not send your children to class with any items of clothing that they cannot put on or take off easily by themselves. Hand washing/sanitizing will be required on entry to the premises and on exit. Please do not send your child to class if unwell. Should we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 it would mean self-isolation for everyone who was in contact  for 10 days (pending test results) so it is important to follow advice correctly. If it becomes necessary, due to any illness or due to a suspected case of Covid-19, we reserve the right to find other teaching cover, move the classes affected to remote teaching (zoom) or reschedule classes to a suitable time in the future. Equally, refunds cannot be given to any classes missed by a student due to self-isolation, illness or any other reason outside of our control.



It is expected that children under age five who attend nursery or pre primary classes will be supervised by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult throughout. The parent/guardian or responsible adult should be within the sight and hearing of their child at all times throughout class.


Similarly, for collection of children under 18 at the end of any class, we must know in writing who your child would normally be collected by. 


If you choose to nominate another adult rather than yourselves to supervise or collect your child then please make us aware of this well in advance of the class, preferably in person or in writing. The message must come from the person who normally attends class (parent/guardian/responsible adult) and not come via another parent/guardian or child. This is for the safety of your children. If teachers have to call parents to ask permission to hand children over to other adults this takes a great deal of time for both parties.


Failure to comply with this could mean a child being prevented from attending class. Your children’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we regret that for the time being there will be no parents allowed to enter the premises except the nursery class at the Scout Hut, where one parent per child will be required to supervise their child throughout class. This is to keep young children and teachers safe in the current situation and to help with social distancing. Parents waiting for children attending class, should wait close by to the hall (for example, in their cars), in case they need to be contacted. There will be adequate adult supervision for the numbers of children attending class.



The payer will receive written notice if payment has not been received in accordance with these terms and conditions. Susyballet reserves the right to charge a late payment fee if an invoice remains unpaid after the first class of a new term. The late payment fee will be charged at 10% of the term’s fees due.



Susyballet charges a non-refundable joining fee of £20.00 per student, including adult students. (£15.00 for second or subsequent child/children). This should be paid upon enrolment with the school and before the first paid class.



Physical contact may be necessary by teaching staff at Susyballet. Please refer to our safeguarding policy and our safe touch policy. Any concerns please contact the school principal.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there will be no physical contact other than that which may be deemed necessary in the cases of first aid and if so, then hygiene measures will be applied and appropriate PPE will be worn.



Half a term’s notice in writing is required if you or your child/children do not wish to continue lessons. This should be received prior to the commencement of the term. Half a term’s fees will be charged if notice is not given. If a child is not going to return to the school after the summer holidays then please note that we require a half terms notice to be given by the start of the summer half term break in May. 


You or your child/children cannot change classes without negotiation and written confirmation from the principal.


Students who have enrolled with the school will automatically be re-enrolled each term into the same class unless we have received written withdrawal notification as per the terms and conditions above or a change of class has been negotiated and confirmed in writing from the principal. 

Please do talk to us if there is a problem and you think you may not be continuing. It is much easier for us to know well in advance so we can plan classes and this will prevent us having to charge you with late withdrawal fees.




Parents are required to give permission (for students under 18) for an authorised Susyballet first aider to give any immediate and/or necessary first aid treatment. This includes any emergency medical treatment recommended by competent authorities including emergency medical staff. There is an opt in/out box on the registration form for this purpose.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there will be no physical contact other than that which may be deemed necessary in the cases of first aid and if so, then hygiene measures will be applied and appropriate PPE will be worn.



Parents/Guardians are asked to opt in or out of photographic consent for their child/children or ward on the registration form. 


Private Coaching

Parents/Guardians are required to give permission for students under 18 to attend private lessons with Susyballet. Parents/guardians must stay within the sight and hearing of their child throughout for the duration of private lessons. There is an opt in/out box on the registration form for this.


Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we regret that no parents will be allowed to enter the premises. A parent should remain close by to the hall during any lessons however, in case they are needed.


On enrolling with Susyballet, please state on the registration form the person who is to be communicated with regarding student/s, classes and information relating to susyballet. Any changes to this must be received in writing to the principal of the school from the primary account holder. Susyballet cannot be held responsible for any information not received due to emails being incorrect, internet not working, incorrect contact details given at time of enrolment, or any other details out of our control.



Please refer to our code of conduct which is part of our safeguarding policy. Please make sure that you read this and that any relevant information is shared with and understood by your children if attending the school as students and appropriate. Failure to observe the code of conduct will result in students being asked to leave the school and in this case no refund will be given. Susyballet reserves the right to refuse any student prior to or after enrolment if the code of conduct is not adhered to.



Dance and teaching dance is a physical activity and as such physical contact will from time to time be appropriate for safe and effective teaching of dance. It is also required to offer comfort to distressed children or to administer first aid. Please refer to our code of conduct which is part of our safeguarding policy to view our safe touch policy in more detail.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there will be no physical contact other than that which may be deemed necessary in the cases of first aid and if so, then hygiene measures will be applied and appropriate PPE will be worn.



Susyballet reserves the right to alter the advertised teaching schedule and teaching staff without prior notice. The information in this and any other printed or electronic information was correct at time of going to press. Any changes to classes or teachers will be communicated in written form on any platform deemed appropriate whether that be via telephone, our website, email, letter or social media platforms. Please make sure your contact details are always up to date and check communication methods regularly for any changes.



Susyballet is committed to protecting your privacy. We only use your information in a lawful, appropriate and relevant way. Sometimes we may have to share some of your information outside of Susyballet. Please refer to the GDPR statement for more details.


We are legally obliged to keep some of your personal information to fulfil statutory obligations. We keep your personal information only for as long as we need to or as is set out in any agreement between you and Susyballet.


We will not release your personal information to other organisations unless we are required to do so by law. In other instances, we only share your information with another party if we have your permission to do so. An example of this would be names and dates of birth for exam entry reasons.


Please see the GDPR statement for further details.

Susyballet will store personal information securely. 



Susyballet does not accept liability for loss or damage to property, sickness, personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by proven negligence of the company or its staff.

Where misleading or incorrect information is provided on the booking form, Susyballet will not be held responsible for any personal injuries or otherwise.


Organisers and their staff providing the facilities where Susyballet activities are conducted, are under no liability whatsoever in respect of personal injuries, loss or damage to property whilst attending Susyballet activities and neither Susyballet nor the organisers providing the venue shall be liable for direct or indirect losses if Susyballet, a venue or facility we use closes.


Our Public Liability Insurance policy covers all children under our care.



Please be respectful towards the facilities we use and do not litter, show inconsiderate behaviour, accidental or intended damage. Teachers, parents/guardians and children are only permitted to use the rooms hired out by Susyballet. Any damages will be billed to the person responsible.



Susyballet invites parents/guardians to watch the last lesson of each term (unless we are preparing for a show in which case the watching will be the show!). Watching week, presentation classes, shows and examination results all give parents and guardians a chance to see progress in their children. We will be working towards preparing students for RAD examinations and class awards (as appropriate).  

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we regret that it will not be possible to invite parents/guardians onto the premises to watch classes at the end of term for the time being.



If you have any questions please email susy@susyballet.co.uk we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible. Please try not to ask teaching staff questions between lessons as there is simply not enough time.



Please refer to Susyballet website for details of our uniform stockist. The uniform should be worn to every lesson and should be clean and neat. This is mandatory after the first half of term. The school uniform and good grooming is part of the discipline of ballet and dance and is essential to preparing for class. Please wear only the recommended uniform.


All students should wear their hair neatly and simply tied back for class. From Primary upwards where a child’s hair is long enough, hair should start to be worn neatly in a classical ballet bun (using hairnet and pins and no hair donuts, bows or other ornaments please). Fringes clipped out of face.

Students with short hair may wear a soft fabric hair band to match their uniform. Parents are asked to encourage their children to take responsibility for their own hair once they are capable of doing so. Male students with longer hair can wear a bandana to match their uniform to keep their hair off their faces.


Students should arrive for class, preferably already wearing their dance clothing as we do not have changing areas other than the venue toilet facilities on site. Other clothing such as sweatshirt and joggers should be worn on top to keep warm and also for safeguarding reasons. Please do not wear ballet shoes outside as this ruins them and brings dirt into the studio.


Jewellery must not be worn for reasons of safety and also because it is not part of the uniform. Any items of jewellery which the teacher feels is distracting or may cause injury will have to be removed.


If you have any questions with regard to this then please contact the school principal for further advice.


Please do not bring food and drink into class other than water bottles. 


Students and other visitors are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk. Susyballet will not be held responsible for any items lost, damaged or stolen.


Students are not permitted to use mobile phones or other electronic devices during a class and items such as phones and ipads etc… must be switched off or on silent. Such items can be brought into the studio for safe keeping during class if necessary but must not be used. Parents must explain to their children the dangers of mobile phone use and explain that photos are not permitted to be taken or posted on any social media platform without the permission of the relevant student (if over 18) or the student’s parents.


Please do not bring valuables to the studio. Susyballet will not accept liability for any belongings lost, stolen or damaged. Please ensure that any dance kit or uniform is clearly named so we can return it to the owner. Any unclaimed personal property will be donated to charity at each half term or end of term.


Students are not allowed to leave the studio without permission of the teacher. In the case of children deemed old enough to leave the studio to go to the toilet alone, then this will only be allowed one child at a time.


Susyballet expects the children in our care to behave with kindness and respect towards teachers and other children. We reserve the right to exclude any child who cannot behave appropriately. No refund will be given in this instance. Susyballet welcomes all students regardless of gender, ability, race, or religion. All students are equally valued. We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or discrimination. 


Please do not bring your child to class if they are unwell or have an infectious illness. This is for the safety and wellbeing of all our students and staff. In the cases of vomiting and diarrhoea, you should stay at home until recovered and not resume class until atleast 48 hours after the last episode.

Update August 2020/April 2021: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we regret that any lost property remaining after class will not be able to be stored and will be disposed of so please make sure you name any items brought to class and limit items brought in. Please come ready dressed for class. In the case of small children please make sure they have been to the toilet before arriving at class but that they are able to use the toilet independently should they need to. Please do not send your child with any items of clothing that they cannot put on or take off themselves. Anyone displaying signs of illness or with a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius will not be admitted to class.



Susyballet is committed to providing the highest standards of teaching. We want everyone to have a fantastic experience whilst learning to dance with Susyballet. If you have any complaints please direct these to the Principal so we may address them as soon as possible. 



Susyballet reserves the right to make any changes to these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of Susyballet, staff or students, but are correct at time of publication.



Customers (Parents, guardians, students) are required to acknowledge acceptance of these terms by completing our registration form.


Enrolment to Susyballet is subject to agreement of these terms and conditions.


August 2019

Updated August 2020/April 2021